Finding the Balance

What was your reaction to our list of “Dangerous Shortcuts” in our August 2017 issue of Postings? Did you note that many of the shortcut hazards arose because of a lack of balance? For instance, mobilizing is unbalanced without a strong foundation of discipleship. “Serving” is unbalanced without an emphasis on “saving” faith based on the gospel message. And supporting outside organizations must not overbalance primary allegiance to supporting missions through the church.

How do we (1) determine where the balance is on such issues and (2) maintain that balance in a constantly changing church and missions environment?

The answer is, it’s not easy! I would recommend that at least annually your missions team prayerfully reevaluates your balance in each of the seven areas we list in this article. Are you tempted to take shortcuts that are really detours? Are there new members of your GO/missions team who need to better understand why and how you are carefully balancing priorities?

How is your church practicing balance in these issues? Are there other areas of church missions practice where we need to be reminded of the temptation to take dangerous shortcuts?

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One thought on “Finding the Balance

  1. This was a well written article, very challenging and well thought through. These are the tough questions that take time and reflection.

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