Global Strategy Development
For Your Church

Global Strategy Development for Your ChurchDo you need a missions strategy, but aren’t sure where to start?

Engage Catalyst to help you develop a global strategy based on who you are right now.

Catalyst can help you save time by honing in on the key questions that will help you articulate your global vision and define an approach that will lead to a customized strategy for your congregation.


Do you need to step back and take a fresh look at how effectively your missions program is mobilizing your people? Do you need to “recalibrate” for greater impact?

Schedule a Missions Tune-Up with Catalyst!

This 3-hour diagnostic will help you…

  • clarify your PASSIONS
  • identify your PRIORITIES
  • determine your PLANS and
  • encourage the PEOPLE on your team



Asking the right questions in the right order can make a huge difference in moving forward quickly into a high-impact global strategy. Contact Us about a strategy development session or a missions tune-up.