How We Serve Agencies

How We Serve Agencies


Are you excited about your organization’s mission? Are you eager to engage more of the potential of 21st century local churches in fulfilling it? Not quite sure how?


We help you get a better perspective, then chart a clearer path.


We serve agencies like yours through…

  • Strategy Development to maximize your collaboration with all different types of churches
  • Church Connections Audit to discover how to be more “church friendly” every time you intersect with local congregations
  • Staff Training to help your administrative staff and field workers build high-impact church relationships
  • Mobilization Tools to help you provide real-world answers to churches’ missions challenges
  • Postings to help you resource churches with practical mobilization ideas




Mission agencies and local churches are combining their strengths and resources in an exploding diversity of new ways.Your agency can be better positioned to benefit. Contact Us to discuss your agency’s needs.