How Were You Challenged to Intercession?

As I was working on the “Build Prayer Power” issue of Postings, I realized how helpful it would be to know what factors challenged global intercessors to be committed to prayer. No doubt there are common elements for everyone: the nudging of the Holy Spirit, the commands of Scripture, and often the reality of answered prayer. But were there other factors that we could duplicate to encourage more believers to become global intercessors?

Listening to my adopted grandma’s stories of answered prayers for missionaries shaped my concept of prayer. Mrs. Howard Taylor’s biography of J.O. Fraser, Behind the Ranges, had a powerful impact a few years later. Currently my friend Susanne’s passion to pray as she walks her neighborhood each day is a great encouragement to grow in global intercession. So, a mentor, a book, and a friend were my greatest influences.

What about you? It would be helpful to know what God has used to challenge you to pray for the world. Will you please share (below if you are online; here if you are reading this in an email) what encouraged, and/or continues to stimulate, your commitment to intercede passionately for a lost world? Thanks for sharing!

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