Leadership Team Training
For Your Church

Leadership Team Training for Your Church

Are you wrestling with how to better engage your people, improve your missionary care, practice wise accountability, or connect with younger generations?

Let Catalyst help you hone your leadership skills to guide your missions program to the next level of effectiveness. We can provide training through face-to-face workshops, online webinars, and Skype training with your leadership team.



Some of the TOPICS Catalyst loves to address:

  1. Discovering the next generation of missionaries in your church
  2. Developing a path to the field for new workers
  3. The local church and business-as-mission opportunities
  4. Providing excellent missionary care
  5. Defining and practicing effective accountability with your missionaries
  6. Connecting missions to younger generations in your church
  7. Influencing the influencers—Engaging church leaders for global impact
  8. Selecting and collaborating with mission agencies
  9. Deciding if a global partnership is right for you
  10. Integrating missions into the life of your church
  11. Evaluating and maximizing your short-term missions efforts
  12. Communicating missions with limited exposure in services



Training will give your team a new excitement in their task. Contact Us to set up a workshop, webinar, or Skype session.