Missions Trip Receivers?

Globe reverse spin

What if the tables were turned and your national partners sent a short-term missions team to your church? How could they help you? What could you do together in outreach locally and globally?

In your community, could they: Work with people from your church to run a VBS? Clean up a vacant city lot? Paint a community center? Serve at a homeless shelter? Sing at a rescue mission? Connect with immigrants who have come from their country?In your church, could they: Share their testimonies? Lead worship? Teach a seminar or class on prayer or another topic? Lead a discussion on addressing poverty? Train future short-termers from your church how to deal with cross-cultural differences? Give some basic language lessons?

In another locale, could they: Link with short-term missions team members from your church on a joint team serving in another region or country? (Consider that your national partners might be more adept at connecting with the people you are serving than the members of the team from your church. Therefore, they might be the natural choice as the leaders of your combined team.)

See additional ideas in the June 2008 issue of Postings, “Short-Term Ministry Ideas.”

Have you had a “reverse missions trip”? Tell us about it.


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