Partnership Assistance
For Your Church

Would your church love to connect to global partners and see God utilize your untapped resources in tandem with others to make a major impact on some spiritually needy people or place? Or does your church already have a partnership but find it isn’t living up to its potential?

Use Catalyst’s FOCUS materials or request customized partnership assistance.

We can help you discover your potential, select the right global partners, and implement an effective cross-cultural initiative using the FOCUSing process. We can also help evaluate a stalled partnership to find the best way forward. Via our resources and our personal help, Catalyst is here to help you solve problems, find resources, and move ahead in exciting global engagement.

Begin by visiting our Your FOCUS on the World site or call/email us to discuss how we can help you with customized advice and coaching.



An effective partnership will impact your church as well as your mission partner. Our FOCUS site has a wealth of information about how we can help you move forward.