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Best Missions Books of 2017

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December 2017 | Vol. 12 | Issue 12 Best Missions Books of 2017 Mobilizers recommend this year’s “must reads.” Our…

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Sending-Church Dilemmas

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November 2017 | Vol. 12 | Issue 11 Sending-Church Dilemmas Churches and global workers wrestle with sending issues. Download this…

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Build Prayer Power!

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October 2017 | Vol. 12 | Issue 10 Build Prayer Power! Action Steps for a 21st Century Praying Church. How…

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Your Partnership Coupler

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September 2017 | Vol. 12 | Issue 9 Your Partnership Coupler Every global parternship needs an excellent field facilitator. You…

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Dangerous Shortcuts

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August 2017 | Vol. 12 | Issue 8 Dangerous Shortcuts Beware of hazardous missions temptations. Shortcuts are so tempting. We…

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