Powerful Praying Churches: Part 1

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March 2011 | Vol. 6 | Issue 3

Powerful Praying Churches: Part 1

Each church declares that they still have a long way to go, but they are seeing progress and are excited about what is happening.

“How important is intercessory prayer in a local church’s engagement in global missions?”

Without fail, people from all parts of the missions community respond: “It’s absolutely essential!” “Prayer is the most important contribution.” “Prayer is the work!” (a quote from Oswald Chambers)

In one sense, intercession should be the easiest way for the church to invest to missions. After all, there is no language barrier, no cultural barrier, no distance barrier, no age barrier, no security barrier. Prayer doesn’t require missiological expertise, financial resources, or a visa. . .[Click below to continue]

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