Scaling the Support-Raising Mountain


Unless your church sends workers with one of the few agencies that fully supports missionaries from pooled denominational funds, you will need to take steps to conquer the support-raising barrier in order to recruit global workers.

You can focus on the teamwork concept and debunk the myth that raising support is impossible. But support raising is hard. For some potential workers, the very idea is terrifying.

What can you as a church do to minimize this barrier to missionary recruitment? There are two key components to a practical solution:

First, churches can make sure that appointees receive training and coaching in the support-raising process. More and more mission agencies now routinely require involvement in one of the professional programs such as Support Raising Solutions (SRS) Bootcamp, or Kingdom Come Training. These programs incorporate both communications training and high accountability to see support raised quickly.

The other solution is for the sending church to take responsibility with the appointee for support raising. Eastern Mennonite Missions’ Missionary Support Teams successfully uses this approach. It makes sense because it engages the local church and taps into the gifts of uninvolved believers to support the process. Not to mention, it is much easier to ask funds for someone else than for yourself.

Consider adopting one or both of these solutions. If potential global workers understand that your church will provide training and be part of the fund-raising process, it will go far to help them mentally clear the support-raising hurdle.

Read “Filling Global Gaps,” our April 2017 issue of Postings, to learn more about how to recruit workers for strategic global roles.

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