Staff Training For Agencies

Are your home and field staff adequately prepared to serve North American churches and build high-impact partnerships?

Let Catalyst work with you to train and resource your staff to interface effectively with churches.

Change is rapidly transforming churches and their global outreaches. Your missionaries and home staff, as well as your church connections personnel, need to be equipped to understand and engage churches effectively.


Catalyst provides tools and training in TOPICS such as:

  • Understanding the changing context of the North American church
  • Building effective partnerships
  • Communicating with contemporary churches
  • Engaging churches in getting new workers to the field
  • Equipping churches for meaningful missionary care
  • And more!


Every missionary has the potential to help churches expand in missions if they are given some basic resources. And church mobilizers can significantly increase your agency’s “value added” with local congregations if they have skills to share practical helps. Contact us for training options.