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Package for Churches

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Basic Principles and Important Facts
Security Protocols
Steps to Implementing Communications Security
Global Worker Preferences Questionnaire
Communications Quiz
Sample Guidelines

For an introduction to these materials see the August 2016 Postings, Handling Information Wisely.

Communications Security Resources
Communications Security Resources
A package of 11 articles (17 pages) of materials assisting local churches to establish and implement wise protocols for communicating with and about their global workers.


The FOCUS materials and process will help you launch or improve a high-impact, strategic global initiative for your church. Visit our FOCUS site to learn more about the FOCUS process, materials, and becoming a FOCUS facilitator.

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FOCUS Manual + Implementation Guide
The 200-page Your FOCUS on the World Manual & Implementation Guide will walk your church through a step-by-step process to DISCOVER, SELECT, and then IMPLEMENT a high-impact, cross-cultural initiative. Includes access to extensive online materials. Contact us for discount prices on quantities of 8 or more.

FOCUS Implementation Guide
The Implementation Guide, extracted from the larger Manual, is designed for churches that already have chosen their global initiative. Learn how to build a leadership team, avoid pitfalls, strengthen your church’s ownership, and develop networks. Includes access to FREE online materials. Contact us for discount prices on quantities of 8 or more.



Sending New Missionaries Resources + Mentoring Resources. Download both Packages – $12.99
Involve the whole church in getting new appointees ready and resourced using these 11 practical sending resources and 7 mentoring resources.
Sending New Missionaries Resources Package. Download - $7.99
The 11 practical sending resources only (does not include the mentoring resources package).

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