The Sending Church Is Not…

Misconceptions about the role of the sending church can cloud relationships between churches and their global workers. Our November 2017 issue of Postings, Sending-Church Dilemmas, highlights the function and challenges of the sending-church role. It is also worth noting what the sending church is not:

1. The sending church is not just a rubber-stamp confirmation that missionary candidates are nice people. To be good stewards, we want to send/support only those they would also welcome as high-capacity staff members if they were serving at home. So the sending church’s role in vetting workers’ gifting and readiness is essential.

2. The sending church is not a second field supervisor. If a church sends workers with an agency, then they need to delegate field ministry oversight to agency personnel while continuing to share the responsibilities of accountability.

3. The sending church is not a dour panel of judges waiting to condemn missionaries for their failures. Sending churches need to address weaknesses but their major role is to be the prime cheerleader and support for their workers.

4. The sending church is not free of accountability. Global workers have the right to hold their sending church accountable for confirming, pastoring, and resourcing them well (see descriptions in this Postings). No church will do these things perfectly, and some obviously have more capacity than others, but every church can work at these tasks and improve over time.

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