Try a Field Trip to Get “Unstuck”

Catalyst’s February 2017 issue of Postings addresses five impasses where church missions efforts can get “stuck.” Don’t miss the practical suggestions and the stories of four churches that have successfully gotten their missions program moving again.

Want another way to get fresh ideas and motivation? Take your missions team on a field trip! Here are four possibilities.

  1. Spend a week/weekend immersed in learning about and doing diaspora ministry. International Project’s Seed Weeks (New York City), Global Gates’ Sifting Weeks (New York City and San Francisco), Engage Global’s Explore Weekends/Weeks (Minneapolis), and Global Frontier Mission’s Global Missions Journey weekends (Atlanta) are designed to broaden your horizons.
  2. Worship with a nearby ethnic congregation. If possible, schedule lunch afterward at a nearby restaurant where you can spend some time together learning about their ministry, their challenges, and their vision.
  3. Attend a training or missions conference together. Missions Catalyst publishes a list of North American missions training events. Or attend the missions conference of a larger church in your area to observe what they do that has impact. Make sure someone observes their children’s conference, if they have special events for kids.
  4. Go on a missions trip together. Is your church involved in a global ministry that seems particularly strategic? Or is there an opportunity you should consider? Why not take your team for an on-site visit? If some members can’t go, use Skype to include them for strategic meetings while you are there.

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