Best Missions Books of 2018

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December 2018 | Volume 13 | Issue 12 |

Best Missions Books of 2018

Readers recommend this year’s “must reads.”

We want to thank everyone who submitted their favorite titles for this year’s book list. Selecting a short list of the best missions titles was particularly difficult this year because so many great volumes have recently been published, and readers’ votes were scattered among many books deserving mention. We have narrowed the field to titles published in just the past three years. See links at bottom to revisit past years’ issues.


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Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization edited by David and Lorene Wilson, 2018
This book is rich in content but also in variety of opinions and perspectives because it is a compilation from 40 contributors. Every mission’s mobilization department and every mission-minded church needs to read the book. Marvin Newell, Missio Nexus



Across the Street and Around the World: Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood and Beyond by Jeannie Marie, 2018
In a friendly, storytelling format, this practical book opens the eyes of the reader with practical applications for prayer and engaging in God’s global purpose here while keeping in view those further removed from the gospel. Mark Fugere, Salem Evangelical Free Church



Mapping Church Missions by Sharon R. Hoover, 2018
This book helps the local church to analyze the options, implement the practices, and reflect on how to apply missions theory to their specific context. The focus is on process rather than simply presenting answers. Kirsten McClain, Propempo


Also recommended:

Everyone, Everywhere: Glimpses of God’s Global Work Through People Like You by Erick Schenkel, 2017



After the Trip: Unpacking Your Cross-Cultural Experience by Cory Trenda, 2018
The book is an honest narrative drawn from the author’s own experiences in short-term missions and a practical guidebook addressing questions of “What did I learn?” and “How will I allow the Lord to apply these things in my life moving forward?” Ryan Skinner, Crossroads Bible Church


Crossing Cultures in Scripture by Marvin Newell, 2016
Newell’s book establishes a strong scriptural foundation for cross-cultural ministry. It not only is an encouraging read but a perfect text to use as a team or in a small group. Michael VanHuis, Missio Nexus



The Mind of a Missionary by David Joannes, 2018 

This is an excellent missions mobilization book–whether you’re a student, a church member, or mission candidate. It even has value for missionaries in reaffirming their call. Marvin Newell, Missio Nexus



Also recommended:

Sojourners Workbook by Connie Befus, 2018
Go Light! Go Local: A Conscientious Approach to Short-Term Missions in a Global World by Jean Johnson, 2018
Hope of the Nations: Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post-Christian World by John S. Dickerson, 2018
Marching off the Map: Inspire Students to Navigate a Brand New World by Tim Elmore, 2017



Women in God’s Mission by Mary Lederleitner, 2018
Here is an excellent book on leadership that allows us to listen deeply to the voices of women leaders from around the world. Well researched and insightfully organized, it challenges the church to be better stewards of the gifts God gives His daughters. John Klingelhofer, Christ Church of Oak Brook


Church and Mission Agencies Together: A Relational Model for Partnership Practice by Ivan Liew, 2017 
The author is missions director of a large, very active church in Singapore. Their experience with this model of bringing together several churches and missions agencies in collaboration gives great credibility to this practical book. Steve Weemes, OMF International


Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger, 2018
This fantastic leadership book explains why “in times of great change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.” Dave (last name withheld)



Also recommended:

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Chris McChesney et al, 2016
Letters to the Church by Francis Chan, 2018
Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good by Ann Mei Chang, 2018



Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear by Matthew Kaemingk, 2018
This book is intended for Christians who want to respond to Islam with Christian conviction rather than simplistic ideologies. It is also for non-Christians curious as to why some Christians want to live peacefully in an increasingly fear-driven world. John Klingelhofer, Christ Church of Oak Brook


The Marketspace: The Essential Relationships between the Sending Church, Marketplace Worker, and Missionary Team by Larry McCrary, 2018
A good resource for those who want to discover different pathways to the nations beyond the traditional “raise support and go serve as a missionary.” Dave (last name withheld)



Also recommended:
Marching off the Map: Inspire Students to Navigate a Brand New World by Tim Elmore, 2017
The Kingdom Unleashed by Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine, 2018
Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered: Millennials and Social Change in African Perspective by Wanjiru Gitau, 2018



The Souls of China: The Return of Religion after Mao by Ian Johnson, 2017
This book gives insight into what some of our partners’ lives are like, and the challenges they face as they minister and bless their cities in China. Sandy Pierce, First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga


Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow by Timothy Shultz, 2016

A much-need guide offering practical help on reaching our Hindu neighbors. JB, Interserve



Also recommended:

Missionary Monks by Edward L. Smither, 2016

Children's ministry resources will be highlighted in an upcoming issue.