Business as Mission – Engaging Marketplace Potential

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2006 | Volume 1 | Issue 6 |

Business as Mission - Engaging Marketplace Potential

BAM provides a tremendous platform in the cross-cultural context because it offers credibility, access, economic benefits, and relational opportunities

An Interview with Doug Hunter, Director of Business Partners International, Perimeter Church

Interchange Postings: Everyone is suddenly talking about “business as mission.” How do you define what BAM is all about?

Doug Hunter: There are a lot of different approaches, but Mats Tunehag, Lausanne Senior Associate for BAM, has developed a helpful definition: “Business as mission is about real, viable, sustainable and profitable businesses with a kingdom of God purpose, perspective and impact leading to transformation of people and societies spiritually, economically and socially to the greater glory of God.” BAM is not just the creation of businesses but embracing a biblical perspective on business and on work in general. Evangelism in the marketplace, discipleship of people who work, and starting new businesses and building existing ones with intentional kingdom impact are all included in the concept. . . [Click below to continue]