Business as Missions – How Churches and Agencies Connect

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2009 | Volume 4 | Issue 4 |

Business as Missions - How Churches and Agencies Connect

Catalyst conducted separate interviews with three highly regarded business as missions (BAM) practitioners and compiled their answers in this article. We were particularly interested in the intersection of BAM with the local church and agency.

Ellen Livingood: There is certainly a growing buzz about BAM. Does the potential live up to the hype?

Mike Baer: That’s a good question. The short answer is “no.” There are a lot of conferences and people are excited, but not many are actually doing it. More people are involved in tentmaking than what I would call true BAM enterprise.

I think two things have limited BAM’s growth. First, the US marketplace ministry movement (living for Christ in my workplace) has hijacked BAM. It’s more comfortable to do ministry in my current setting than to consider short-term, long-term, or life-term cross-cultural engagement.

Second, church leaders aren’t stepping up and embracing BAM as a truly exciting, beneficial, strategic methodology . . . [Click below to continue]