FOCUS Manual Resources

This complementary collection of supplementary resources is for those who have purchased Your FOCUS on the World Implementation Guide. Please note that the reproduction of these online resources is for your own church.

Short-Term Ministry Ideas Dozens of practical services short-term mission trips can offer

Short-Term Team Safety Preparation

Rapid Response Teams How to prepare your church to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies

Short-Term Missions Resource

Think Big, Think Small: Partnerships as a Revolution in Global Missions

Clarify Expectations to Create Healthy Partnerships Identifying the hidden assumptions than can scuttle collaborative efforts

Partnership-Ready Churches Part 1 and Part 2 How to know if your church is ready for your first or additional partnerships

Matchmaking 16 areas of FOCUS compatibility for healthy church and agency collaboration

The Essential Facilitator Bridge What a FOCUS facilitator actually does that is so essential

The Bi-Cultural Facilitator One church describes the crucial role their missionary played in developing a successful FOCUS

Measuring Agency Partnership Potential 10 collaboration indicators

Security-Sensitive Partnership The story of powerful FOCUS relationships built between N American churches and Majority-World missionary teams working in unreached peoples

Five Steps toward Global Engagement The basic building blocks of a church’s missions plan

Untapped Potential 25 types of missions resources hidden in your church

Using Your Church’s Global DNA Seven churches share how they use their unique traits

Can Elephants and Mice Dance Together? Observations on Partnerships Between Western and Majority World Churches

Making Process Serve Partnership Explanation of the relational complexities of FOCUS initiatives involving national partners

ARTICLES – To Catch the Wind Why Western high-control leadership styles may not fit cross-cultural partnerships