Kinship Network

Kinship Network

A network of American and Middle-East churches partnering for transformation in the midst of suffering

It’s a time of harvest in the Muslim world. Kinship Network’s purpose is to strengthen small but growing congregations in Syria and Lebanon, and expand their outreach during this amazing window of opportunity. God is using suffering to open hearts to the gospel as never before. It’s a time of harvest in the Muslim world. We must work together!

Transformational relationships

The success of our church partnerships is largely due to the leadership, experience, and well-earned credibility of our two on-the-ground leading partners: Ananias House and Horizons International. Both organizations currently have approximately 30 local partnering churches, and they walk alongside the leaders of these churches to encourage, train, and support them in multiple ways. Ananias House and Horizons are essential bridges to help North American congregations partner in healthy ways. They also spearhead their own ministries in Lebanon and Syria that offer our Western churches ways to serve.

American churches can provide multiple types of help and training to our fellow believers in the Middle East. In turn, working together deepens North American churches’ understanding of what God is doing. We have much to learn from our persecuted brothers and sisters. We strive to always create mutually beneficial relationships.

Our ministry partners

God is using Ananias House to plant and nurture churches across war-ravaged Syria and beyond. Their network includes over 30 churches inside Syria. AH is constantly in contact with these church leaders to serve them through encouragement, training, and multiple types of resources. The goal is always to spread the good news of Jesus and build strong, biblically-based congregations.

Horizons International is a multi-faceted ministry, but Kinship is specifically partnering with their work in Beirut. The ministry there is building on-the-ground partnerships with a growing number of local churches by providing training and ministry resources. They also engage in multiple ministries that serve refugees, and in efforts to reach and disciple Muslims who are coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers.

Catalyst Services is a church-mobilization ministry serving as the US hub for this network. They coach North American churches as they engage, and they network churches together to maximize impact.

North American church partners

Asbury United Methodist Church, Tulsa, OK
Church of the Saviour, Wayne, PA
Fellowship Greenville, Greenville, SC
Riverstone Church, Yardley, PA
Six:Eight Vineyard Church, Bryn Mawr, PA

The core components of our partnerships

The goal of our partnerships is to build the capacity of Syrian and Lebanese churches to reach and minister holistically to the needs of those around them, especially refugees. We long to see many reached for Christ, fully integrated into church fellowships, and also discipled and trained to reach other Muslims for Christ. To achieve these goals, we focus on the following:

Partnering churches are urged to stay in regular contact, where possible (in some situations, security restrictions make that difficult). We will provide a translator for phone or Skype calls where needed. Churches on both sides are encouraged to regularly exchange short video messages. As a facilitating partner, Catalyst Services will provide additional communication from across the ministry networks in both Lebanon and Syria, as well as suggestions for ways to best engage your people in your Kinship partnership. Click on Intercession tab next.

Our weekly Kinship Prayer Update provides current information, prayer requests, and exciting answers to our intercession. Subscribe to receive this weekly email. Click on the next tab to learn about Working Together.

Not every Middle-East church partner will need each of these types of assistance, but these are possibilities to help North-American churches understand some of the needs. While we have areas in which we can offer church-to-church (C2C) training and support, we want to always come with an attitude of fellow learners. Here is a list of some practical ways your church can come alongside brothers and sisters in Syria and Lebanon.

  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Prayer
  • Encouraging bolder outreach
  • Specialists for specific help and/or mentoring
  • Mentoring in servant leadership
  • Financial support

Explore your partnership potential

North American church leaders interested in considering a Kinship partnership are encouraged to make a survey visit with us to the Middle East to meet with local church leaders and determine if God is calling them into relationship. Experienced facilitators both on the ground in the Middle East and here in the US will walk alongside your church. Some financial investment will be needed, but the partnerships are not focused on money. Encouragement and prayer are the important gifts these churches need.

Come and see on a survey trip!

Each Kinship survey trip is designed so that you:

  • See firsthand the amazing way God is building His church today in Lebanon.
  • Learn what He is doing inside Syria through extended interaction with Syrian pastors who come out to Lebanon to meet with us.
  • Develop personal relationships with Syrian and Lebanese pastors who have a heart for reaching refugees.
  • Bless and encourage these leaders at a time of great opportunity and overwhelming demands.
  • Establish the foundation of ongoing partnerships to engage the gifts of both Middle-East and North-American churches to see God’s work expanded in both contexts.

Who should go?

These trips are specifically designed for pastors, missions pastors, and other missions leaders of churches which are seriously interested in pursuing a church-to-church partnership. The trip will focus on learning, relationship building, and prayer, not hands-on ministry. We encourage each church to send two people, if possible. Download information for upcoming survey trips.