Sending New Missionaries + Mentoring Resources (PDF)


Available as a download, these two packages of 11 tools can help you involve your whole church in getting new appointees ready and resourced for effective field service. These creative ideas and practical worksheets help churches collaborate with missions agencies to walk with new missionaries through the crucial period between appointment and departure for field ministry.


1. Sending New Missionaries—Your church’s strategic role booklet
2. Sending New Missionaries: What Role Will You Play? (for the congregation)
3. Questions Your Church Should Ask the Agency
4. Sending Triangle Worksheet
5. Worksheet for Appointee Assistance
6. 25 Ways to Connect New Missionaries to Your Congregation
7. Developing an Advocate Team
8. Completing Your New Missionaries’ Preparation
9. Appointee Interview Questions
10. Suggestions for Your New Missionaries’ Commissioning Service
11. Missionary-Sending Resources

Sold only bundled with the Sending New Missionaries package for $12.99

1. Initiating a Missionary Mentoring Process
2. Mentor Qualifications and Role
3. Monthly Accountability Report
4. Readiness Assessment
5. Readiness Building Guide
6. Personal Planning Sheet
7. Moral Integrity Questions

#1 Sending New Missionaries: What Role Will You Play?”
#2 What Kind of Senders Will You Be?
These workshops and all related resources come as part of a workshops training package.

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