Reaching International Students

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November 2012 | Vol. 7 | Issue 11

Reaching International Students

Why it’s the church’s job.

Imagine a city the size of San Francisco populated entirely by future global leaders. While its citizens come from almost every nation on earth, they all speak, or are quickly learning, English. The boundaries of this city likely reach all the way to your back door. Then imagine that In four years, most of this city’s population will be gone, but another 800,000-plus new citizens will take their place.

This “city” is the international student population studying right now in the US. (If you live in some other Western nation, or any world-class city, you likely have a similar influx of international students.) Where once the vast majority of these internationals were clustered in graduate programs in the top universities, today thousands are enrolled at community colleges and smaller universities, bringing them to virtually every church’s doorstep. . .[Click below to continue]

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