The Church-Agency-Missionary Sending Triangle

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2007 | Volume 2 | Issue 7 |

The Church-Agency-Missionary Sending Triangle

Clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of the triangle

Starting points for a healthy, three-way dialog

What are you asking a church to do when it sends missionaries to serve with your agency? What are the church’s expectations of their sending role? Not every sending congregation can, or wishes to, fulfill all possible sending functions, nor to the same degree. It is mutually beneficial to sit down with the leaders of a missionary candidate’s sending church to discuss their long-term role in the ministry of the person they are commissioning to serve with you. Together you can clarify the roles and responsibilities each member of the triangle—church, agency, missionary—will seek to fulfill.

The following lists are starting points for a healthy, three-way dialog about the interrelated roles. After the responsibilities are confirmed or adjusted, each party needs a copy of the finalized list. Due to leadership transitions and shifts in viewpoint, it is wise to review and evaluate these roles at the beginning of each home assignment during an in-person (preferred) or phone conversation involving the church, agency, and missionaries . . . [Click below to continue]