In Person Care Part 2

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July 2017 | Volume 12 | Issue 7 |

In Person Care Part 2:
Field Retreats and Crisis Care

Part 1 of this 2-part series addressed the regular, on-field care that global workers need from their sending church. In this concluding article, we focus on special care opportunities: field retreats and crisis care.

On-field Retreats

Recently Highlands Community Church in Renton, WA, piloted a regional retreat for their missionaries in Ukraine. Its success has encouraged them to repeat this event in other places. Missions Pastor Tom Dabasinskas describes how they gathered both their US-sent workers and nationals for a time of learning about their ministries, providing soul care, and just pampering.

The planning process began with two questions for their field partners: What areas do you want to be equipped in? Where do you want to partner more with us? The program and the staffing grew out of these expressed needs. The cost of a nice hotel and good food were covered by the church. There were times of worship and caring for adults but also activities for kids . . . [Click below to continue]

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