Leaders Toolbox

Leaders Toolbox

Borrow a tool from one of the experienced sources below to help your team build your missions program.

Dave Hall

Outreach Ministries Pastor, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, CA

Resources from Dave’s Toolbox

  • Principles of Kingdom Collaboration (PDF) or (Word)
  • Lessons Learned from Failure (PDF)
  • Bringing Your Overseas Experience Back Home (PDF) or (Word)
  • How Do We Talk About Them (PDF) or (Word)
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Ron Burdock

Global Mentor, North Park Community Church, London, ON

Resources from Ron’s Toolbox

  • D2 Concepts (PDF)
  • The Work of a D2 (PDF) or (Word)
  • What Kind of Person Does Well (PDF) or (Word)
  • Global Intern Team Handbook (PDF)
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