Mobilize the Congregation

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May 2010 | Vol. 5 | Issue 5

Your FOCUS on the World

Chapter 12 — Mobilize the Congregation.

Diverging from Postings’ usual practice of bringing you a complete article, this month we are providing another taste of the information compiled in the new book, Your FOCUS on the World.

The Your FOCUS on the World manual is designed to:

  • -Lead churches to DISCOVER their missions potential, SELECT the right partners, and IMPLEMENT a successful, cross-cultural initiative (referred to as a FOCUS: First priority, Objectives oriented, Cooperative, Unleashed resources, Strategic).
  • Help churches already involved in a global initiative to strengthen their partnerships and their church’s excitement and involvement.
  • Serve as a practical tool mobilizers can use to guide churches in expanding cross-cultural effectiveness.

In this issue, we have chosen highlights from chapter 12 on how to mobilize the congregation. The manual is full of real-life stories of churches, and we begin with part of the story of Midland Free Methodist Church. We are also sharing a small section of the practical guidelines, and a sample of potential FOCUS goals.

See the end of this article for ordering information for the manual and related resources. . .[Click below to continue]

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