Navigating a Strategic Missions Course

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February 2011 | Vol. 6 | Issue 2

Navigating a Strategic Missions Course in a Changing Church Context

Charting Our Course in a Changing Context.

“My frustration,” said Tom, his voice rising, “is that missions has no boundaries nowadays. We’re told ‘North America has become a mission field’ and ‘missions is from everywhere to everywhere,’ and ‘everyone is a missionary.’ Our task as a missions team has become too broad and undefined.”

Mariam responded, “God’s mission includes everything He is accomplishing in the world. So shouldn’t we have a part in whatever God is doing?”

“But we can’t do it all, so how do we choose a part?” Tom countered. “And shouldn’t there be a distinction between missions and local outreach? The missions portion of our church budget includes support for camps, church planting, chaplaincy, short-term missions teams…even our denomination’s head office. Is that really missions?”

“At the same time,” Guljan interjected, “many people still think you have to travel somewhere else to call it missions. But today the traditional boundaries of missions have broken down. What really belongs under the missions heading?”. . .[Click below to continue]

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