Refocusing Western Missions Agencies

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June 2006 | Vol. 1 | Issue 1

Refocusing Western Missions Agencies

To Fully Engage The 21st Century Church.

The earth is shifting under our feet. The church of Jesus Christ is changing its role in missions. Powerful forces have already been released, but the effects are just beginning to be felt on the surface.

Some of the tectonic plates are realigning because our past missions efforts have been supernaturally successful. Seemingly overnight, the church in the Majority World has become a powerful missions force in its own right. Not only is the church moving south, it is moving out!

Other powerful shifts are the result of the pressures of cultural change, technological advances, and new challenges. Forces such as globalization, AIDS, and new perspectives on the part of younger generations are fast reshaping the landscape. These changes have been identified in numerous places, but their implications for Western mission agencies are still being defined. Here we will explore just five of them. While couched in either/or language, each in reality is a continuum. . .[Click below to continue]