Revisiting Advocate Teams

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October 2012 | Vol. 7 | Issue 10

Revisiting Advocate Teams

Many advocate teams aren’t sure what being an advocate looks like.

The concept of developing an advocate team or Barnabas team for every missionary has been promoted for a number of years. Many churches have seen the value in the basic concept: Build a team of people who take responsibility for promoting the worker’s cause in the church (the advocacy aspect) and providing personalized care (the Barnabas aspect).

Yet when talking to missions leaders in local churches, I have discovered that too often advocate teams (often referred to as A teams) either never get off the ground or have spotty success. As many churches focus more of their energy on partnerships and strategic initiatives, the practical connection to individual missionaries may receive even less attention while the need for strong linkages is greater than ever. . .[Click below to continue]

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