Sending Harmony

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May 2019 | Volume 14 | Issue 5

Sending Harmony

Merging missionary and sending-church expectations

A missionary and their sending church should have a strong family bond. But like many physical families, the family connection between workers and their sending body can suffer from unexpressed or misunderstood needs and expectations. For harmonious church/missionary teamwork, both partners need to be intentional about communicating their expectations and grow in their ability to serve their partner well.

Clarifying Expectations

Even if you are a supporting rather than the sending church for a missionary, expectations should be clarified. Especially in situations where a worker’s sending church is not strong, your congregation may need to assume a larger role.

If you are a church welcoming a missionary for home assignment or sending out a new worker, sit down and talk through the expectations of both sides. Take notes of your resulting commitments to each other and circulate in writing to the missions team and your global worker.

If you are a field missionary, we would encourage you to forward this Postings to your sending-church leaders and ask for an opportunity for open dialog. Remember that as time passes and leaders and strategies change, so do expectations on both sides.

Next month’s Postings will continue this theme by featuring ways to strengthen agency and sending-church collaboration. Don’t miss it.

Expectations Discussion Points

Use this chart in your discussion to clarify and merge church/missionary expectations.