Three Blind Spots of Mission

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November 2015 | Vol. 10 | Issue 11

Three Blind Spots of Mission

And a missions pastor’s ‘wiser way’ solutions.

My seat in the mission world allows me to scrutinize what I call the mission triangle: the sending church, the missionary, and the mission agency. Some members of each are doing quite well; others function in ways that are unhealthy. This article spotlights some of the dysfunction—adventures resembling the escapades in Three Blind Mice, a moral tale written in 1900. Then I will also share what I believe are “wiser way” solutions.

My first years as a missions pastor could have been titled, “Discovering Three Blind Spots in Our Mission.” They caused regret-table and expensive trouble that you can avoid by heeding the lessons I learned the hard way. Good intentions and determina-tion are not enough. Only very clear vision will spare you.

So let’s look at common scenarios that arise from poor vision inside the mission triangle. I will mask identities to guard privacy. . .[Click below to continue]