What’s Your Missions Strategy?

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October 2013 | Vol. 8 | Issue 10

What's Your Missions Strategy?

A tool to analyze your church’s global missions approach.

This month’s Postings takes the form of a chart and accompanying questions to help you and your church analyze your approach to missions.

The chart of missions strategies on page 3 is not all inclusive, but it presents the most common approaches that guide Western church missions decisions. Each of these strategies can be employed alone. However, too narrow an approach can limit the church’s overall impact. Generally these strategies work well when two or three are combined in a clear priority order.

As background for this discussion, you may want to refer to the January 2012 issue of Postings where we outlined Five Steps toward Global Engagement. There we suggest you begin by setting priorities and then choose a strategy. These two fit very closely together. Priorities deal with the “what” of God’s calling for your church—what it is you believe He wants you to accomplish. Strategies address the “how” of achieving those priorities. . .[Click below to continue]